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VOAforYOU is really good software for those who want to improve the English Listening Skill. Each VOAforYOU CD includes up to 400 articles of the year (Audio in RealAudio format and Text in html format). All the data is downloaded from VOASpecialEnglish web site. With one CD, the total of listening time is up to 100 hours, VOAforYOU CD is the most effective way to practice Listening skill. With the students in developing countries who do not always have chance to access the Internet, VOAforYOU is really a solution for them to study offline. VOAforYOU CD is now Students' #1 choice in Vietnam.

VOAforYOU Features

bulletOne click to install, no additional configuraton
bulletEasy-to-use and friendly user interface
bulletAudio files in RealAudio format with high quality and high compression rate
bulletText in html format with nice looking
bulletExtra options/commands: Auto continue, Search engine, full workbook, etc.
bulletVOAforYOU software is free for ever

The software is copyrighted by DoDucTruong,, -

The audio and html files are copyrighted by VOA -


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